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The Do-It-Yourself Gift Guide

The Do-It-Yourself Gift Guide

Nicole Docimo | DivineCaroline

December 02, 2010

4. For the adventurer: Create a special adventure day, redeemable at a future date. So much is going on during the holiday season—why not give the gift of special time together in a less busy part of the year? Create some sort of coupon or brochure about your future outing—write it up by hand, type it in a word processing program, or see what templates are available online or on your computer. Have fun with it! Possible text could be: “You are the recipient of one special adventure day with [your name]. Where: top secret, When: TBD.” This is most fun if you keep the details of the adventure a secret.

Decide on the actual date together, and then start your planning. This adventure doesn’t need to be lavish, the only requirement is that you plan a day filled with fun activities that the recipient will enjoy. You can stay in your own town and do a scavenger hunt, go bowling, and have lunch at a favorite restaurant, or you could go to a neighboring city or natural place and see the sights. This is an amazing gift because it can be completely personalized.

5. For the eco-shopper/locavore: Assemble a shopping kit filled with locally produced items. Start with a reusable shopping bag and fill it with all manners of local products—check out your local farmers’ market, natural-foods store, local shops, and craft fairs to see what’s available. Items you might look for: honey, vegetables, fruits, nuts, baked goods, candy, soap, local art, functional handicrafts, like ceramics and knit items, and anything else your region is known for. If you want to take it to the next level, take pictures or write up stories of how and where you found the items and who they were made by.

6. The sky’s the limit: What does your friend and family member absolutely love or what would really help make his or her life easier? A great and unique gift always comes from these things. Brainstorm things the person really appreciates, his or her favorite pastime and top interests, or something the person could really use. What is the best way you can show your support and foster that interest or need? Is it a simple gift certificate, an outing to share that interest, a gift of your time to help out (babysit, clean) and give him or her more free time? When you start from these thoughtful ideas, you can’t go wrong.

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