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12 Areas of Balance for 2011

12 Areas of Balance for 2011

January 05, 2011

For many, a new year is synonymous with new beginnings. This New Year can mean a fresh start, or a do-over. Many people write resolutions for the new year, to only find several weeks down the road either changes have not been made, follow through didn’t happen, or you can’t even find the paper you made your list on.

May I suggest viewing these changes as a marathon and not a sprint? As caregivers, either of others or of ourselves, we tend to want everything microwave quick. We desire instant change. If we do not see instant change, often we forget about the project, or feel it is too overwhelming of a goal. I am going to give an overview of twelve areas of change. These areas are from the Wellness Inventory Assessment. Keep in mind these areas overlap and even subtle changes in one area can impact the others.

Another area to consider is to ask yourself if you are really ready for change. Some people only think about changing, while others are ready for action. This makes a big difference in your success of changing behaviors. If you are only thinking about change, what steps can you take to be ready for action? The other areas to consider is are you ready to learn, or are you holding on tightly to your views that you feel protective when ideas other than your own are suggested? You need to open up and be in a learning mode to wholeheartedly embrace change.

We are going to take a brief overview of twelve areas for balance. As you view these areas, you may want to highlight the areas where you feel you are most motivated for change. Leaks in any of these areas can bring energy drain.

1. Self responsibility and love: Do you take responsibility for your health and life? How do you feel about yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you love yourself just as you are? This area is the very foundation for the balance you want to achieve.

2. Breathing: Do you take time to be aware of your breathing? Do you take time to be present with where you are? This area is often the most overlooked. I know it was in my life. This area helps with the fight or flight response that is so overworked these days. Breathing can help relieve tension.

3. Sensing: Are you aware of your surroundings? How can you increase the awareness of what is around you? Try going for a walk and allowing your senses to take over. Be mindful of what you hear, what you see, and what you smell on that walk. This is an area that can really add richness to your life.

4. Eating: Surround yourself with wholesome, nourishing foods. If you have an active lifestyle, be sure to plan ahead and have healthy choices in place.

5. Moving: Moving doesn’t have to be boring or hard to do. If you don’t move now, can you turn on some good music and just dance? Try some fun exercise DVD’s, or get out for a walk.

6. Feeling: Anger, fear, sadness, joy, guilt…How do you exhibit these emotions and feelings?

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