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14 Odd Beauty Facts That Will Surprise You

14 Odd Beauty Facts That Will Surprise You

Gwendolen Fairfax | DivineCaroline

March 25, 2011

Too often, we get caught up in the beauty numbers that bring us down—our weight, our dress size, the amount of money we spent on our last haircut. But in the weird and wonderful world of looking pretty, there are hundreds of quizzical and quixotic facts that can make us appreciate the wonder of the human body (as well as some that just make us appreciate the resilience of our pocketbook). From the delightfully whimsical to the downright odd, how do you measure up?

1. Blondes Have More Hair

Blondes (natural blondes, that is) tend to have about 140,000 hairs on their heads. Brunettes average about 110,000, while people with black hair have about 108,000. Redheads have the least, with only about 80,000 hairs on average.

2. These Are the Days of Our Lives

On average, women spend fifty-eight days of their lives shaving or waxing unwanted hair.

3. Flipping the Bird

The fastest-growing fingernail is the one on your middle finger. The nails on your dominant hand also grow faster than the ones on your non-dominant hand, and all nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter.

4. Redheads Are a Rarity

Red hair is the rarest natural hair color for human beings, but contrary to popular belief, redheads are not going extinct. Although both parents must carry the recessive redhead gene to produce a child with red hair, evolutionary biologists agree that red hair won’t die out any time soon.

5. The Price of Beauty

A 2010 survey found that the average woman spends about $13,000 on makeup in her lifetime. She spends an average of 330 hours applying it.

6. Shopping ’Til We Drop

The average woman spends almost nine years of her life shopping.

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