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How Nurses Are Avoiding Burnout

How Nurses Are Avoiding Burnout


May 16, 2008

Nurses are special people. It is no less difficult being a nurse as it is becoming a nurse. Nursing school is challenging, and the vicissitudes of the job experience can be emotionally draining. Most people are too preoccupied with the notion of sickness and their own well-being around nurses to think about how the nurses feel.

It is not uncommon for nurses to experience “burnout.” They spend a short time with many patients and the patients are always in a state of not being well. It becomes difficult to experience relationships with people in these conditions.

The good news is that nursing is a very rewarding and noble career. Nurses must keep in mind that people are concerned for their own welfare during these situations and they are heavily dependent on nurses in taking care of them and providing them with reassurance of their recuperation.

Suggestions to ease stress

There are ways for nurses to avoid “burnout.” The following are suggestions in diverting a jaded nature before it starts:

-Talk to other nurses in your profession; especially nurses in different stages of their careers. Nurses with more experience will be able to relate success stories and will be able to call upon good memories of their time in the profession. Younger nurses will lack the experience, but their attitudes can be inspirational. Nurses enter the profession because they want to make a difference and help others; it is nice to be reminded of these qualities in others and yourself.

-Keep a journal of your own memories and experiences. Sometimes a “bad day” can stay with us more easily than a “good day.” Recording thoughts from better days will help remind you of why you enjoy your profession and what an impact you are making on people’s lives.

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