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5 Quick Mantras for Nurses

5 Quick Mantras for Nurses

Scrubs Magazine

September 14, 2010

When was the last time you took inventory of your recurring thoughts? Studies have shown that freeing your mind of negativity is one immediate way of reducing stress that can have lasting effects on your health and mental well-being.

Whether it’s the first thing that flashes across your mind in the morning or those troubling “what ifs” that crop up during your busiest shift, examining these thoughts and reframing them in the positive can have a powerful effect on your mood.

Positive reframes

Here are five common phrases that can run your mood into the ground and five positive reframes to use instead.

Negative thought: There’s nothing I can do.
Positive mantra: I can always try my best and that’s the most that anyone can do.

Negative thought: I’ll never get over this.
Positive mantra: I have the strength to persevere and time will always bring about change.

Negative thought: I hate the way I look today.
Positive mantra: I’m valued for my thoughts and actions and not by my appearance.

Negative thought: I’m nervous and shaky and I’ll probably mess up everything.
Positive mantra: I’ll be just fine if I breathe deeply and remember to relax.

Negative thought: No one cares anymore.
Positive mantra: The world isn’t perfect, but there are people who are good and want to help others.

Start a “thought journal” and write down your own common negative thoughts and create your own reframes. The act of writing down new positive thoughts will help you feel in control of your mood and more at ease. After a couple of weeks, you can look back and pick your favorite mantras to help soothe your nerves during your toughest shifts.

Help on the go

Got a PDA? Download the iStress app for the iPhone for $0.99 to help manage your stress. The iStress app is based on many years of research and features a catalog of positive reframes, humor, encouraging quotes and poems. Mood management tools include a cumulative graph that pulls data from your daily/weekly ‘thoughts’ diary to help keep track of your progress.

For Blackberry users, try a fun alternative to relieving stress by feeding your stressors to a tank full of hungry piranhas! Download the stress tank app for $0.99, snap a shot of anything (and anyone!) who’s stressing you out and drop it into the tank! This app includes many options and games to make stress relief the funniest thing you’ve done all day. Your mantra will be, “My worst adversaries better be brave!”

What are some of your favorite mantras?

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