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Work-at-Home Options for Nurses

Work-at-Home Options for Nurses

Linda Childers | Monster Contributing Writer

October 13, 2008

Medical Transcription

Another option for nurses seeking to work from home is medical transcription, an occupation the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects will experience faster-than-average growth through 2014.

Transcriptionists transcribe recordings made by physicians and other health care professionals into medical reports, correspondence and other administrative material.

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Flexibility and the opportunity to set their own hours make medical transcription a viable career choice for nurses with young children or for those seeking a less-demanding job than traditional hospital work.

Community colleges and online providers, such as Career Step, Gatlin Education Services and Professional Career Development Institute, offer medical transcription courses. Prices may vary significantly.

“Nurses who work in the medical transcription field can either obtain assignments from medical transcription service providers such as MedQuist and Spheris or become independent contractors and market their skills to local doctors and medical groups,” says Chris Dunn, president of Career Step, whose nine- to 12-month, self-paced online course has qualified many nurses to work in the field.

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Because it can be challenging to build a client base starting out, Dunn says some nurses find it easier to obtain assignments through a transcription service. The American Association for Medical Transcription has more information about working in the field and starting a home-based business.

Compensation for medical transcriptionists varies. Some are paid by the hour or by the number of lines transcribed. Others receive an hourly base pay with incentives for extra production.

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