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Cleansing Your Colonic Palate

Cleansing Your Colonic Palate

Rebecca Brown | DivineCaroline

September 16, 2010

I know it’s unnatural for women to become obsessed and fascinated by bowel movements, but I am. Really. I can’t believe I’m actually putting this out there for the world to read.

My fascination started with colonics because it seemed like such a logical way to cleanse your system. Kind of like pressure-cleaning the algae off a deck. But because I’m too embarrassed to allow a stranger to stick a small tube up my ass and watch a few four-year-old cheeseburgers make their way into a bag, I soon changed my obsession to fiber. If I could just get enough fiber on a daily basis, those cheeseburgers might never get caught in that intestinal traffic jam in the first place.

Thus began my fiber education.

We all know that fiber is good for us. But do we really know why? Certain types of fiber can help lower your blood cholesterol. Have you ever heard the expression that death begins in the colon? Certain types of fiber aid in bowel function, potentially delaying said untimely death.

I knew none of this when I began my research. I just knew that I needed to get me some of that. Fiber, that is.

The first thing I discovered was that I wasn’t getting near enough of it in my daily diet. Most experts recommend that you consume anywhere from twenty to thirty-five grams of fiber per day. Unfortunately, most of us only get around fifteen. After seven days of keeping a food journal, I found that I was coming in at around ten grams per day. Looking over my meals and snacks, I realized I was being a little too diligent about sticking to a high-protein diet, eating mostly lean meats and low-fat cheeses with a few greens thrown in here and there for good measure.

It was then that I had my fiber “aha” moment. I realized that this getting-enough-fiber business was going to require a conscious effort and a small amount of work on my part. Duh.

I actually knew that proper amounts of fiber would help lower my cholesterol and reduce my risk for heart disease. But I learned that it could also lower my risk for developing some other nasty things such as Type 2 diabetes, diverticulitis and of course, constipation.

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