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12 Small Steps to Happiness

12 Small Steps to Happiness

Lisa Guida | Scrubs Magazine

September 17, 2010

6. Feeling

This is an area where nurses are often highly motivated to make some changes.

Sample statement: I’m able to say no without feeling guilty.

A small step: Say no to a small request but one that really bothers you—it will feel great!

7. Thinking

Sample statement: I am aware that different environments have an effect on my thoughts.

A small step: Make sure that you have a good laugh every day at home and at work.

8. Playing and Working

Sample statement: I balance challenges with a playful and nurturing attitude and actions.

A small step: Schedule in some fun for yourself, just like you schedule in time for your child’s ball game.

9. Communication (outside of an emergency)

Sample statement: Before I offer help, I find out if it is wanted.

A small step: Set a goal of stopping to breathe first and then ask if help is wanted before jumping in to help out.

10. Intimacy

Sample statement: I am able to experience a gratifying relationship despite the presence of unresolved conflicts.

A small step: Make a point of trying to enjoy the positive aspects about someone at dinner tonight.

11. Finding meaning

Sample statement: I focus my awareness on the present moment instead of the past or future.

A small step: Make a point of checking in with yourself at a certain time each day to experience just that moment in time.

12. Transcending

Sample statement: I experience myself as part of a larger whole.

A small step: Notice the bigger picture in some of your volunteer work.

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