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Lab Coat Types and Styles

Lab Coat Types and Styles

July 15, 2011

Lab coats are a necessary uniform for doctors, nurses, X=Ray technicians, and lab assistants. Lab coats are used to protect one’s clothing and to help identify the worker’s role. Read on to know what kind of lab coat best fits your role and personal requirement.

Colored Casual Lab Coats

A white lab coat gets dirty very fast. A colored lab coat keeps stains and spills hidden while helping you maintain a sterile environment. A colored casual lab coat can double as casual outerwear in case you need to step outside the hospital. Colored labs coats add a fresh and friendly feel to the otherwise stark atmosphere of a medical institution.

Butcher-style Lab Coat

If you want a lab coat that gives you full body coverage to protect you against spills and stains, then the butcher-style lab coat is for you. This lab coat usually has no pockets; pockets can be convenient to store things but pockets can also snag into hooks and table corners, making you drop delicate instruments. However, you can add hidden, hindrance free pockets to this coat if you require.

The coat includes side hand openings through which you can access your pant pockets. The butcher lab coat has a hindrance-free six-button snap front closure, which ensures that your coat buttons don’t open when you are performing a critical task. This coat is usually structured using cotton or poly cotton for easy movement. Pathologists, forensic lab workers and clinical medical assistants commonly use this type of lab coat.

Counter Lab Coat

If you want a lab coat that fits more like a jacket, opt for the counter lab coat. The length is usually 30 inches and three buttons, like a classic jacket, close the front. This jacket includes two lower pockets and a left breast pocket, usually with to store pens, pencils, cell phone and so on.

This coat is structured using cotton, poly cotton, twill or thicker fabrics including lining. Medical assistants and medical clerical staff who deal with patient inquiries and visitors wear this type of coat.

Dental Lab Coat

Even though these coats are referred to as dental lab coats, any medical professional can wear them. These coats reach mid-thigh length, and are roomy, breathable and yet sturdy. These coats come with multiple, fitted pockets; usually two roomy front pockets and a chest pocket with a pencil stitch.

There are side access openings through which the dentist can reach within pant pockets. Dental coats come with a vented back that provides better movement.

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