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5 Reasons to Change Up Your Beauty Routine

5 Reasons to Change Up Your Beauty Routine

Allison Ford | Divine Caroline

May 31, 2011

You wouldn’t wear the same outfit every day of your life, would you? You wouldn’t eat the same meal over and over. So why would you keep the same beauty routine for twenty years?

But many women do. They discover a product they like and remain loyal to it for years, or they learn how to create a particular makeup look and never deviate from it. It’s like a beauty routine version of Groundhog’s Day. While no one’s suggesting that you rush out and buy a different moisturizer for every day of the week, the idea that one product can effectively serve a woman for years and years on end is downright silly. Sometimes, a little re-evaluation is needed; here are five points during a woman’s life when she should change her beauty routine.

1. When You Move to a New Climate

The moisturizer/styling cream/foundation that served you so well in Miami is not going to cut it in Minneapolis. Moving to a new climate calls for some tinkering. If you move somewhere hot and humid, you’ll want a lightweight moisturizer with SPF. If you move somewhere dry and arid, find a moisturizer that’s more hydrating. Humidity, temperature, altitude, pollution, and climate conditions have different effects on skin and hair. The mousse that you loved in Baltimore might make your hair feel sticky and lanky in Houston. Sample different products to find one that works for you in your new home.

2. When the Season Changes

If you live in a place with consistent year-round weather, you’re lucky, because living in a temperate zone with hot summers and cold winters calls for two different skincare regimens. During hot weather, choose lightweight gel-type cleansers and moisturizers to remove oil, as well as an all-over sunscreen to protect skin when it’s uncovered. In the winter, use creamier, more hydrating products to protect your skin from wind and cold.

Even if you don’t experience seasonal climate change, remember that styles change, too. When summer comes, put away the thick foundations and dark lipsticks in favor of lighter cosmetics like glosses, tinted moisturizers, and pastel nail enamels.

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