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10 Reasons Nurses Deserve an Oscar

10 Reasons Nurses Deserve an Oscar

Marijke Durning | Scrubs Magazine

February 22, 2011

With the Oscars just around the corner, where the members of the entertainment world gather to pat each other on the back, it makes one wonder why nurses don’t have their very own Oscars. After all, many of these awards are handed out to actors who imitate what we do in real life.

In the spirit of recognizing the amazing talents of nurses, we roll out the red carpet here and take a look at 10 reasons why we’re Oscar-worthy.

#1: Nurses have true talent minus the diva attitude.
True talent is a gift, one that is subtle, yet always present. A nurse regularly carries out his duties with confidence, knowledge and good grace in the face of the most difficult or unexpected situations, including code browns.

#2: Nurses have The Look.
We all know nurses who have perfected the showstopping Look. It’s the look that’s thrown in the direction of a petulant attending or a whiny visitor. It can stop a tirade cold in its tracks, scare up documents that were deemed “unavailable” and can make grown men tremble in their boots. A real thriller!

#3: Nurses are masters of production and staging.
Nurses are the people who lurk in the background but set the stage so everything runs as smoothly as possible. Which person on staff will gather batteries for the flashlights or scare up a tablecloth and paper cups to celebrate a colleague’s birthday? Yeah. Nurses are invaluable to the smooth running of the unit.

#4: Nurses are natural-born directors.
For every shift, the nurse makes up all the patient assignments and ensures that every other nurse has as fair a load as the next. She is able to anticipate which patients will need the most care and can smooth over any issues that may arise between nurses and their patients. In other words, she’s the one with the master plan!

#5: Nurses are special effects whizzes.
This special award is given to the nurse who can be in all places at all times, all while patiently and effectively dealing with any impending disasters. Sometimes, you can barely believe your eyes.

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