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10 Reasons Nurses Deserve an Oscar

10 Reasons Nurses Deserve an Oscar

Marijke Durning | Scrubs Magazine

February 22, 2011

#6: Nurses have intriguing personal lives.
Every unit has a nurse who could be nominated for this award. He’s the one who has traveled all the continents while writing a novel about saving lives in the desert or jungle. He’s also the one who sees all the movies just as they come out, goes out of town to attend concerts and doesn’t hesitate to share every bit of this with his colleagues.

#7: Nurses know how to look good.
Just because nurses have to wear uniforms to work doesn’t mean they don’t look good. Some nurses just have that flair. Their hair and makeup always looks great; their uniforms are just the right color and style for them. Some of us would like to hate them for it! But all nurses care deeply about their patients and do their best to make their lives better—and are often unaware of their talent, which makes them look all that much better.

#8: Nurses have the best lines and know how to communicate effectively.
A nurse, for lack of time and patience, can get her ideas across in simple words, even a well-timed grunt. Who else can call someone on the phone and masterfully get all the information she needs and can write legibly in a chart and tell a patient’s story in words everyone can understand?

#9: Nurses know something about comic relief.
Nurses are famous for uttering a dry line in response to someone’s comment, which cracks up all who hear it. Nurses have a preternatural ability to find something to laugh at in the toughest of times. They also just know how to bring a smile to the faces of their coworkers and patients when they need it most.

#10: Nurses embody the term “Lifetime Achievement.”
This award should be given to every nurse, especially those who work when their families are at home on a holiday, or during the night when everyone else is sleeping. To the nurses who are bone-tired from working a 12-hour shift and come in the next day to do it all over again. To the nurses who cry with families and to those who feel that they should have been able to do more. And to the nurses who go home at the end of their shift knowing that they helped make a difference in someone’s life. They should be given the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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