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2011 Astrological Forecast for Nurses

Marijke Durning | Scrubs Magazine

January 03, 2011

2011 Astrological Forecast for Nurses


The water sign of Aquarius has interesting things in store for 2011. If you’re a nurse born under the sign of Aquarius, you just might find yourself with a financial windfall, either from an inheritance, stocks or even the lottery. However, you do know the old joke, don’t you?

Mary is a pious lady who goes to church every Sunday. Every week when she finishes her prayers, she sneaks one in to win the lottery. After years of this, one day she hears a voice from above. Very clearly she hears, “For Pete’s sake, Mary! If you want to win the darned lottery, could you at least go to the store and buy a flipping ticket!?”

If you work with an Aquarius nurse, you’ll learn that he is determined to find the truth behind everything, so don’t ever try to slide something by him. Plus, if he’s going to win the lottery, don’t you want to be on his good side?

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