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2011 Astrological Forecast for Nurses

Marijke Durning | Scrubs Magazine

January 03, 2011

2011 Astrological Forecast for Nurses


Taurus nurses have Jupiter playing a large role in 2011. This year will bring a lot of comfort in terms of food, good wine and friends.

If you’re the classic Taurus personality who likes to direct your workplace’s plan of action, this is the year to get involved in committees and professional associations. Or perhaps the time is ripe for thinking bigger: Have you ever thought of running for office? Now could be the time! Nurse Taurus for President! You’ve always had your heart set on running for the local PTA. Why not? You’d be great at it.

If you work with a nurse born under the sign of Taurus, you know you’ll get a strong and stable partner, but don’t be afraid of her stubborn streak. Jupiter brings with it a sense of open-mindedness, which will allow her to see both sides of an issue.

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