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Answers to the "Would You Pass the NCLEX? Part III" Quiz

Answers to the "Would You Pass the NCLEX? Part III" Quiz

May 19, 2009

8. When taking blood pressure reading, the cuff should be:

  • deflated fully then immediately start second reading for same client- Correct answer!
  • deflated quickly after inflating up to 180 mmHg
  • large enough to wrap around upper arm of the adult client 1 cm above brachial artery
  • inflated to 30 mmHg above the estimated systolic BP based on palpation of radial or bronchial artery

9. To ensure client safety before starting blood transfusions the following are needed before the procedure can be done EXCEPT:

  • take baseline vital signs
  • blood should be warmed to room temperature for 30 minutes before blood transfusions is administered- Correct answer!
  • have two nurses verify client identification, blood type, unit number and expiration date of blood
  • get consent signed for blood transfusion

10. Mr. Bruno asks what the “normal” allowable salt intake is. Your best response to Mr. Bruno is:

  • 1 tsp of salt/day with iodine and sprinkle of MSG
  • 5 gms per day or 1 tsp of table salt/day
  • 1 tbsp of salt/day with some soy sauce
  • 1 tsp of salt/day but no soy sauce- Correct answer!

11. Which of the following methods is the best method for determining nasogastric tube placement in the stomach?

  • X-ray- Correct answer!
  • Observation of gastric aspirate
  • Testing of pH of gastric aspirate
  • Placement of external end of tube under water

12. Which of the following is the most important risk factor for development of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?

  • Cigarette smoking- Correct answer!
  • Occupational exposure
  • Air pollution
  • Genetic abnormalities

13. When performing endotracheal suctioning, the nurse applies suctioning while withdrawing and gently rotating the catheter 360 degrees for which of the following time periods?

  • 10-15 seconds- Correct answer!
  • 30-35 seconds
  • 20-25 seconds
  • 0-5 seconds

14. The nurse auscultates the apex beat at which of the following anatomical locations?

  • Fifth intercostal space, midclavicular line- Correct answer!
  • Mid-sternum
  • 2” to the left of the lower end of the sternum
  • 1” to the left of the xiphoid process

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