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Answers to the "Would You Pass the NCLEX? Part III" Quiz

Answers to the "Would You Pass the NCLEX? Part III" Quiz

May 19, 2009

15. Which of the following terms describes the amount of blood ejected per heartbeat?

  • Stroke volume- Correct answer!
  • Cardiac output
  • Ejection fraction
  • Afterload

16. You are to apply a transdermal patch of nitoglycerin to your client. The following are important guidelines to observe EXCEPT:

  • Apply to hairless clean area of the skin not subject to much wrinkling
  • Patches may be applied to distal part of the extremities like forearm- Correct answer!
  • Change application and site regularly to prevent irritation of the skin
  • Wear gloves to avoid any medication on your hand

17. The GAUGE size in ET tubes determines:

  • The external circumference of the tube
  • The internal diameter of the tube- Correct answer!
  • The length of the tube
  • The tube’s volumetric capacity

18. The nurse is correct in performing suctioning when she applies the suction intermittently during:

  • Insertion of the suction catheter
  • Withdrawing of the suction catheter- Correct answer!
  • both insertion and withdrawing of the suction catheter
  • When the suction catheter tip reaches the bifurcation of the trachea

19. The purpose of the cuff in Tracheostomy tube is to:

  • Separate the upper and lower airway- Correct answer!
  • Separate trachea from the esophagus
  • Separate the larynx from the nasopharynx
  • Secure the placement of the tube

20. Which priority nursing diagnosis is applicable for a patient with indwelling urinary catheter?

  • Self esteem disturbance
  • Impaired urinary elimination
  • Impaired skin integrity
  • Risk for infection- Correct answer!

21. An incontinent elderly client frequently wets his bed and eventually develop redness and skin excoriation at the perianal area. The best nursing goal for this client is to:

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