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The Best 25 Vacation Cities for Nurses

Jill Hare, Kevin Powers | Monster Worldwide

June 03, 2009


Are you gearing up for your summer vacation, but aren’t sure which direction to go? When it comes to vacationing in the U.S., each city is unique.

Which city is the best travel destination for a hard-working nurse?

We have rated 25 cities for vacationing by examining what each has to offer.

Our criteria

• We looked at the average price of gas in each city and the average airfare for each airport.

• We reviewed the hotel costs in each city and factored that into our rankings.

• Finally, it was important to make sure each city had as much to offer as possible. Fellow travelers rated each city based on culture, shopping, food and nightlife. On top of that, we made sure that there were landmarks, museums, or activities that nurses would be interested in.

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  • Dscf0899_max50


    over 5 years ago


    Great ideas, but to me Maui was the best vacation I've had. Calm, beautiful and peaceful. Very relaxed atmosphere.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 5 years ago


    We lived in New Orleans most of our lives so I guess it being rated #3 surprises me. We relocated 10 years before the great storm, "Katrina". Let me just say this: there's a lot more to New Orleans than Bourbon Street; but, unfortunately it's not all good. Many of the people are the friendliest you'll ever see & meet, but just as many are scums of the earth. The French Quarter can be fun and interesting if you've never experienced the freedom of walking through public streets while consuming an alcoholic beverage. Just remember that lots of others are doing the same thing, with many not knowing when to say "when". DO NOT bring your kids to the French Quarter for Mardi Gras (I would advise unless they are 16-17 years old or older); the place is filthy (reeks of urine, garbage, and emesis), not to mention excessively vulgar during this time. I do have to say that aside from New York, the food there is excellent, though. You cannot leave without having a "Port-Of-Call" burger from the hole in the wall place on Esplanade Avenue. They no doubt serve the best doggone artery clogging burgers in the world AND one of the few things I miss about the place. The burgers really are to die for! Just don't order too much other stuff .... you'll see why if you go. FYI - They DO NOT make french fries to go with the burger, however - only baked potato! As for any restaurant which boasts about it's fried seafood: it's all in the seasoning as that's what makes it better than anywhere else. If you don't smell the crab boil/cayenne pepper when you walk in, it's probably just a tourist trap. Additionally, the Audubon Zoo on the other end of town is very pleasurable in the Spring. These are the first thoughts that come to mind with thoughs of our hometown. Take from it what you will. On the other hand, we've thoroughly enjoyed going to New York, Las Vegas and San Antonio. And, yes, Vegas is called "sin city" for a reason, but there's just so much more to actually do and see than in New Orleans, which is, to us, what makes it such a more enjoyable yet also budget friendly trip.

  • 334194_4082566659164_677343731_o_max50


    over 5 years ago


    thank you these are great

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