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8 Friends to Make at the Hospital

Nina Kim | NursingLink

November 04, 2009


Find your support system

Hospitals can be crazy places. From ambulances rushing in patients and nurses shouting vitals to security having to deal with frantic family members, you may blink and find you miss an important moment.

But for many health care professionals, hospitals are their second home. With all the different departments and types of health care workers in hospitals, it’s not uncommon for newbies to feel a bit lost and overwhelmed at first.

Whether you are a seasoned health care veteran or a just-starting-out amateur, it’s always a wise idea to make friends with some allies and get better acquainted with the inner workings of the hospital.

To help you maneuver your way around the hospital network, NursingLink spoke to a physical therapy doctorate student and an ER receptionist on the front lines at Kaiser Permanente. With their insights, we’ve developed this list of eight must-have friends in any hospital. Get the inside scoop on who to buddy up with and how they can help you out!

Friend #1: Security >>

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