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8 Friends to Make at the Hospital

Nina Kim | NursingLink

November 04, 2009

ER Technicians


The more calm and collected patients admitted to the ER are generally able to wait for the next available doctor. Because they don’t require immediate attention, the ER techs are the first to begin their treatment.

“Patients will beg us for help with wheelchairs or pain killers, but once again, receptionists are not allowed to play doctor even in life-threatening situations,” Sino says. “Making friends with the ER techs, who are usually floating around the department anyway, would only benefit our flow.”

An ER tech is basically a greatly expanded nursing assistant, so they can be a big help. They perform nursing assistant tasks, like cleaning up and transporting patients and running lab specimens. They can also do whatever they’re trained in, including running EKG’s, applying splints, teaching crutch walking, doing compressions, bagging patients, and drawing blood.

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