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8 Friends to Make at the Hospital

Nina Kim | NursingLink

November 04, 2009

Other Nurses


The final person you’ll want to consider buddying up with is probably the most important: other nurses!

When a patient is rushed to the ER in an ambulance, the blur of events and high-intensity adrenaline can be quite overwhelming. What are his vitals? What needs immediate attention? Which doctors are available? Miscommunication and confusion can occur – especially as the patient is handed off from reception to the nurses.

Teaming up with other nurses, especially the triage nurses, can ease tensions between the different hospital departments. Because the nurse manager has the most leverage with the nurses directly involved with patient care, it’s also probably not a bad idea to solidify this relationship as well. But don’t make the mistake of only befriending the manager. You probably won’t get much help if you neglect the workers in the trenches.

“We, as receptionists, aren’t allowed to administer any care whatsoever since we’re not licensed, so we really need a nurse’s help for those patients who come to the department screaming and bleeding.” says Kathleen Sino, an ER receptionist on the front lines at Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim, Calif. “It would lessen the stress in our environment if we could communicate better as far as anything missing on charts and printing out patient labels, armbands, and legal paperwork.”

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