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9 Hilarious and Horrifying Nursing Tales

Kayla Baxter | NursingLink

October 28, 2009

"I was helping out in ER on a busy Saturday night about 20 years ago. A guy was brought in from a local disco club via the squad. Seems he had danced around so much that he passed out. When he came in, he had on those skin tight PVC pants and the “bulge” was huge. The pants were so tight that they had to be cut off him (he was still unconscious at this point). After cutting the pants off, we discovered what the huge bulge really was — he had taped an Italian sausage to his thigh!!!!

When he woke up and discovered where he was, well, needless to say his face was very red!!! He did not even ask for his sausage back when he was dismissed!!!!"

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