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9 Hilarious and Horrifying Nursing Tales

Kayla Baxter | NursingLink

October 28, 2009

“I work maternity with an arrogant doctor who also doesn’t have any issues letting people know what he thinks. For a time, we had gyn surgeons on our floor during a remodel. We had an extremely obese woman come in, large pannis, large sections of heaving hanging skin from the thighs. She was having pelvic pain and the doctor needed to take a look, so he pulled me and another nurse in to help hold legs, etc. When we had gathered as much as we could to facilitate his exam, he puts his gloves on and in front of this perfectly cognitive 40 year old woman (not that it would be appropriate under other circumstances) the doctor says, ‘Ladies… I’m going in. If you slip or let go, I am a dead man.’ We were both stunned that he could say such a thing! After a moment’s recovery, the other nurse and I must have both been on the same wavelength because at the same time we both said, ‘Hmm… tempting.’”

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