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The Nursing Uniform of the Future!

The Nursing Uniform of the Future!

January 19, 2010

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and the 120th anniversary of nursing education at Hopkins, the editors of Johns Hopkins Nursing challenged nurse artists to create their vision of the nursing uniform of the future.

When Scrubs Magazine caught wind of this, we knew we had to feature it on our site. The folks at Johns Hopkins graciously gave us permission to do so!

Pictured below is Robo-Nurse (RN), an “animated, strong, smart, swift, and an ultra-efficient ‘Wonder-Woman,’” according to illustrator Eric Tomakin, a staff nurse in the Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery. In his vision of nursing’s future, “Robo-Nurse (RN) will be every little girl’s (and boy’s) dream profession. Recruitment will be a breeze. They will come in droves. Their destination is assured, and their destiny is defined!”

Starting her new job as a Labor & Delivery nurse inspired Margaret Fink to envision this “OB Nurse of the Future.” “Sitting down with a blank piece of paper and a nice new Sharpie ® pen is one of my favorite ways to relax,” says Fink, who completed the accelerated nursing program in July. ”I can’t wait to see what new experiences will inspire me next.”

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