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Precious Moments® Nurse Figure

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Price: $37.95
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This porcelain collectible of a nurse tending her patient will make an enchanting addition to home or office and a terrific addition to any Precious Moments® collection. 5 1/4".

Member Reviews

  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Account Removed, Wed, 24 Oct 2007 16:36:19 UTC.
    1st review

    I have this in my figurine collection. It is one of my favorites.

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  • Nana_and_grandkids_minus_noah_max30
    charlita, Sat, 27 Oct 2007 12:52:33 UTC.

    I love Precious Moments figurines.

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  • 003_max30
    sexynurse263, Wed, 05 Dec 2007 03:04:55 UTC.

    I really like this! Alittle too expensive though.

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  • Nurse_1__max30
    StarlightRN, Tue, 11 Mar 2008 13:25:03 UTC.

    I love precious moments. This would make a great gift for nurse's day

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  • Photo_user_banned_big
    tcollins0666angels, Sat, 15 Mar 2008 23:04:26 UTC.

    I see this one at a couple of collectors auctions and a few of my work friends collect these, this one in particular has great detail and quality. It is a nice thing to have on your collector's shelf.

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  • 908030-r1-04-4a_005_max30
    rndrew01, Mon, 12 May 2008 18:54:05 UTC.

    This is adorable.I have the older nurse one by Precious Moments where she is giving a shot.:)

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  • Cow_picture_max30
    mashell4, Sun, 08 Jun 2008 23:10:50 UTC.

    I've been given and collecting precious moments figures since I was very young. I dont have this one but Its very cute

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    mamuskawoman, Thu, 07 Aug 2008 06:58:47 UTC.

    I feel it deserves 5 star rating, because Precious Moments Figures are just that.....PRECIOUS. They are so innocent and sweet and they seem to find the innocents in all of their figures.

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  • Rn_max30
    AbusyRN2go, Mon, 11 Aug 2008 04:30:39 UTC.

    I collect clowns and disney figures cute though

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  • 006_max30
    diane316, Sun, 21 Sep 2008 04:30:57 UTC.

    I have this one...very cute!

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  • Mickeymouseclubhouse_240_max30
    kstiltner1, Thu, 02 Oct 2008 01:48:35 UTC.

    This is the cutiest thing. I want one for Christmas.

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  • 100_5897_max30
    Nursen05, Tue, 14 Oct 2008 02:12:15 UTC.

    Ok..not really into precious moments!

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  • Photo1_max30
    tulips4me, Fri, 24 Oct 2008 19:01:18 UTC.

    These are nice for keepsakes. I have been collecting them since I was younger, but I don't have everything they ever made. Ha Ha. I especially like the nursing figurines.

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  • January_5th_104_max30
    nursefrick, Sat, 25 Oct 2008 22:20:06 UTC.

    I love precious moments, I have been collecting them for years. (had one as my cake topper @ my wedding!). I have a different nurs one but I will have to get this one too!

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  • Dscn0723_max30
    jane_0126, Tue, 04 Nov 2008 09:27:24 UTC.

    It's really cute... I want one!

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  • A__swimming___7_max30
    marikit, Sat, 08 Nov 2008 21:58:23 UTC.

    It's a good souvenir.

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  • 918_max30
    terrah, Mon, 17 Nov 2008 05:01:33 UTC.

    I just have to get this one. Too cute.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Susie299, Fri, 05 Dec 2008 19:24:15 UTC.

    This Precious Moments' Nurse Figure has been in my nurse collection for a long time and is just very special. I finally had to move it to a book case to keep it from getting broken because it got picked up so often. Just love it!

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  • 76_max30
    ginger59, Fri, 30 Jan 2009 21:50:23 UTC.

    I feel it's worth a 4 star because I am a collector of angels and some people I know would die for a Precious Moments collectible. I believe it's worth every star that is given

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  • 100_0147_max30
    chellbeam, Fri, 13 Mar 2009 14:33:44 UTC.

    Precious Moments collectables are always beautiful and tasteful in any environment.

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  • Dsc_0121_max30
    olyngapo, Mon, 28 Sep 2009 20:54:36 UTC.

    it reminds how nurses are very loving!!!!!!!!

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  • Chi_chi_doing_a_head_dance_006_max30
    ALAINA53, Sun, 18 Apr 2010 03:39:11 UTC.


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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    robschi, Sat, 28 Aug 2010 15:33:04 UTC.

    She's really this one as a gift from girls when I finally graduated!

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