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Skeletal System Anatomical Chart Laminated

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Skeletal System Anatomical Chart Laminated, classic illustrations by Peter Bachin. Shows anterior, lateral and posterior views of the skeletal system. Also illustrates portion of long bone, auditory ossicles, ligaments of the right hand (dorsal and palmar views), ligaments of the right foot (dorsal and plantar view) and the right knee joint (anterior and posterior views). Product Details * Dimensions: 2.00 pounds Features * Skeletal System Anatomical Chart Laminated & Mounted * Pub Date: January 2000 * Trim Size 20 x 26

Member Reviews

  • Editornurse_max30
    editor, Wed, 31 Oct 2007 00:43:23 UTC.
    1st review

    Great teaching tool/learning aid.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Account Removed, Tue, 05 Feb 2008 22:45:02 UTC.

    I have a small version of this that fits in a 3 ring binder.

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  • 100_5897_max30
    Nursen05, Mon, 22 Sep 2008 17:50:35 UTC.

    I love these...even after graduation....maybe one day I will know all the bones!!

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  • 918_max30
    terrah, Mon, 17 Nov 2008 04:41:26 UTC.

    This is a wonderful teaching and learning guide. My 7 year old has been learning from them since she was three years old...future doctor she says.

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  • Mickeymouseclubhouse_240_max30
    kstiltner1, Wed, 19 Nov 2008 07:45:16 UTC.

    Nice, could have used when I was in school 20 years ago./

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  • 062_max30
    rjlcrnp, Thu, 12 Feb 2009 18:05:36 UTC.

    A great reference when documenting. Love it

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  • Mem_max30
    nurse33, Fri, 13 Mar 2009 04:28:34 UTC.

    Been around a long time! Very informative,great study tool.

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  • Img_0049_max30
    michelleansley, Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:35:46 UTC.

    very detailed

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    lralkhatib, Sat, 20 Feb 2010 00:48:06 UTC.

    im working in trauma ward so its benefit for me.

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    Account Removed, Sun, 07 Mar 2010 01:15:43 UTC.

    looks like a good learning tool

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  • Photo_user_blank_big
    robschi, Fri, 20 Aug 2010 13:24:09 UTC.

    While this is a nice picture, I don't see where the bones are named. As a nursing student you have to memorize this...maybe it's just too small for me to see??? Anyway, while I was in school, I had a large poster like this on the bathroom wall to help me to continue to learn while I was doing my hair or bathing my daughter...very helpful!

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  • Beautiful_lady_max30
    mskbsn06, Fri, 20 Aug 2010 20:38:23 UTC.

    Excellent product, I have one in my office. I use it to educate patients. Visuals are very helpful!

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