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Merlot Moonligt Radiance Night Cream

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Merlot moon light radiance is a night cream that is natural grape seed. Supposed to be really great for your skin.

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  • Josh_jill_valentine_max30
    momshealthbiz, Sat, 24 Jan 2009 04:24:06 UTC.
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    The product is a night cream. It Visibly reduce and reverse deep lines and wrinkles. Promotes thicker skin and better skin tone. Helps promote collagen formation and skin elasticity. I use this product every night before I go to bed. I love the smell, smells like grapes. Supposed to be really good for skin and especially people who smoke. I can feel it tightening on the my face after I put it on there. You can get it at any drug store. I buy it at Walgreen's but sure you can get it everyone. Most face creams break my skin out because I have very sensitive skin and this does not. A must try to make sure face beautiful and to hide wrinkles!

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