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Baker's Venom Cleanser

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No expiration date and no refrigeration needed makes Baker's Venom Cleanser the perfect sting treatment for first aid kits, purses, back packs, glove boxes, fishing tackle boxes, bat bags and even the desk at work. Don't bee without it! Works fast to stop the pain, swelling and itching on small infants, children, adults, horses, dogs and cats Baker's Venom Cleanser will stop the pain and suffering caused by the sting or bite in seconds, also stops the itch caused by the dreaded Itch Mite. If the stinger was left in the wound, do not pinch at it to remove it, instead scrape it out with a finger nail, credit card, etc. Then, apply and rub, Baker's Venom Cleanser for bee sting cure, into the bee sting wound and repeat as needed. Each .75 ounce bottle is selling for $8.95 and will treat approximately 20 to 30 bee stings (Free Shipping and Handling included for U.S. orders) Satisfaction IS Guaranteed! If not fully satisfied, return unused portion for complete refund.

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