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Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

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This stethoscope offers outstanding acoustic performance and exceptional versatility. Its innovative design offers a patented tunable diaphragm on each side of the chestpiece for adult, pediatric, and small site auscultation. The Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope offers two tunable diaphragms which allows the user to conveniently alternate between low- and high-frequency sounds without turning over the chestpiece. The large side can be used for adult patients, while the small side is especially useful for pediatric or thin patients, around bandages, and for carotid assessment. The pediatric side of the chestpiece easily converts to a traditional bell by simply replacing the diaphragm with the nonchill bell sleeve included with each stethoscope.

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    Started out with a Littmann Classic II when I first became a nurse 12 years ago and was finding it harder and harder to hear things - either I'm getting old or the stethoscope was (lol). Anyway I decided to "upgrade" to the cardiology III and am amazed at how well I can hear now, even the most subtle of tones. It's a great investment.

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