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compression sleeves (leg)

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For those individuals who don't like the TEDS or anything covering his/her ankles (like myself), these are for you. I have RLS and those 12 and16h shifts on the floor are killers sometimes. Running distance helps my circulation, but the standing and coccyx fx doesn't help with fatigue. The price is a little salty but worth every penny...promise! I wear them every day, even when I'm not at work! They are comparable to the Under Armor leg compression sleeves...I love them! I purchased mine at CCRS (The Running Store off of Rt100 in PA).

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  • 023_max30
    lefizz, Wed, 15 Sep 2010 00:15:08 UTC.
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    Better then TEDS, don't cover my ankles and I can wear my own socks or sandles. Having RLS, I don't have the tingling sensation after removing them after a long shift or even when I'm not working at the end of the day....(vs not wearing them). Totally worth the money!

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