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Job Profile: Registered Nurse

Job Profile: Registered Nurse

January 29, 2012

• Perianesthesia nurses provide preoperative and postoperative care to patients undergoing anesthesia during surgery.

• Perioperative nurses assist surgeons by selecting and handling instruments, controlling bleeding and suturing incisions. Some of these nurses also can specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

• Psychiatric nurses treat patients with personality and mood disorders.

Hospice Nurses Need a BSN

Hospice NurseHospice Nurses need a BSN, but there are also Masters programs available.

Learn about degree programs here.

• Radiologic nurses provide care to patients undergoing diagnostic radiation procedures such as ultrasounds and magnetic resonance imaging.

• Rehabilitation nurses care for patients with temporary and permanent disabilities.

• Transplant nurses care for both transplant recipients and living donors and monitor signs of organ rejection.

RN Specialties by Disease, Ailment or Condition

RNs specializing in a particular disease, ailment or condition are employed in virtually all work settings, including physicians’ offices, outpatient treatment facilities, home healthcare agencies and hospitals.

• For instance, addictions nurses treat patients seeking help with alcohol, drug and tobacco addictions.

• Developmental disabilities nurses provide care for patients with physical, mental or behavioral disabilities; care may include help with feeding, controlling bodily functions, and sitting or standing independently.

• Diabetes management nurses help diabetics to manage their disease by teaching them proper nutrition and showing them how to test blood sugar levels and administer insulin injections.

• Genetics nurses provide early detection screenings and treatment of patients with genetic disorders, including cystic fibrosis and Huntington’s disease.

HIV/AIDS nurses care for patients diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.

• Oncology nurses care for patients with various types of cancer and may administer radiation and chemotherapies.

• Finally, wound, ostomy and continence nurses treat patients with wounds caused by traumatic injury, ulcers or arterial disease; provide postoperative care for patients with openings that allow for alternative methods of bodily waste elimination; and treat patients with urinary and fecal incontinence.

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