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Nursing Assistant Charged With Killing Eight Babies

Nursing Assistant Charged With Killing Eight Babies

CC photo courtesy of Francesc_2000

Belfast Telegraph

July 29, 2010

A FRENCH woman has been charged with murdering eight newborn babies and her husband with hiding the bodies after skeletal remains were found in a village.

The woman and her husband, both believed to be aged about 45 and thought to be the children’s parents, were arrested in what French officials said could be the country’s biggest infanticide case.

The woman is believed to be a nursing assistant while her husband worked in the building trade and is a member of the village council in Villers-au-Tertre, a 700-strong farming community in northern France near the border with Belgium.

Police used sniffer dogs to search two addresses after the new owners of a home found the bones of two infants while digging in their garden.

The house previously belonged to the parents of the charged woman.

Search teams then headed on to the couple’s home in another part of the village, where six more sets of remains were found, a councillor told reporters

The couple were taken into custody yesterday.

The bodies found in the first house were wrapped in plastic.

The couple have grown-up children and grandchildren. The woman works as a nursing assistant and her husband is a member of the local council.

France has seen a string of cases in recent years of mothers killing their newborn babies and saving and hiding the bodies.

In one case, Celine Lesage acknowledged in court in March that she killed six of her newborns, whose bodies were found in plastic bags in her basement in north-west France.

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