Top 5 Global Health Perks: Are They Dreaming?

Top 5 Global Health Perks: Are They Dreaming?

Michael Moore's popular film "Sicko" opened Americans' eyes to what seemed like almost extravagant healthcare perks in France and Britain. But some cultures offer even more.

NursingLink, BusinessWeek

February 20, 2008

In America, employees generally want perks – like health coverage for their family – and assume that basics like that will be covered by their employer. If they’re in the top companies, extra benefits like free onsite company gyms, free food in employee cafeterias, or on-site doctors (think Google) may exist – and put the employers who offer them on the Best Companies to Work For list .

But globally, what employees want in health perks varies in ways that can definitely stretch the imagination. From free medical coverage – for your parents – to a “pollution-escape” getaway, see what workers around the world want when it comes to health perks.

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