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Inspired by Patients, Invented by Nurses

Inspired by Patients, Invented by Nurses


June 08, 2008

In this post we have decided to celebrate nurses who have contributed to the field of medical science and technology. Most inventions arise from observing a problem at work, and these inventions are no exception. After you read this list, you will have no doubt that nurses are the cleverest inventors of all!

1) Nurse’s Joey

The Nurse’s Joey is a utility belt incorporating 16 pockets specifically designed to carry equipment used by nurses in caring for their patients. It is a one size fits all belt made of a wash and wear material which sits flat across the abdomen and is simply buckled around the hips or waist. Wendy has purposely made the Joey washable to ensure that it does not pose an infection risk if kept clean.

Wendy says the Joey is a time management tool in that it gives the nurse quick and easy access to items in all situations and especially in critical emergencies. The Joey also allows nurses to carry all the equipment they would need in the course of a working day. There is no longer a need to leave equipment at the nurses’ station which saves them trips back and forth between the patient ward and the nurses’ station. This has the obvious benefit of reducing fatigue for nurses whose occupation, by its very nature, is busy, arduous and stressful. In fact, Wendy’s research has concluded that the Joey can save nurses anything from 15 to 60 minutes daily.

Wendy also says that giving nurses more time and easing their stress could even help patient recovery and as such make hospitals much more efficient in treating patients and relieve the stress on our generally overcrowded hospital system.

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The Nurse’s Joey can also save time and enhance patient care with one of the pockets especially designed to accommodate a PDA. This can store valuable information like a drug manual which details correct drug doses required for each patient. This saves the nurse the time it normally takes him or her to go back to the nurses’ station to consult the hard copy of the manual.

The Nurse’s Joey has a special pocket to accommodate nursing notes. Wendy says these are often uncomfortably stuffed in the front of the nurse’s pants and they end up leaving them everywhere. Misplaced nursing notes can compromise patient confidentiality.


Most importantly, the Nurse’s Joey can reduce the risk of infection being transmitted as nurses are often dealing with bandages and bloodied implements that present an infection risk. The pockets of the Nurse’s Joey facilitate keeping clean, sterile medical tools and products from other things which carry the risk of infection. Wendy has provided one large pocket at the back for unclean items.

Invented by Wendy Miles, RN

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