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Inspired by Patients, Invented by Nurses

Inspired by Patients, Invented by Nurses


June 08, 2008

5) Pedi-Neb:

It was a normal spring season in Elizabeth McGoogan’s office. The usual respiratory viruses were circulating, and her patients — in their mothers’ arms — filled the waiting room.

“We were giving 10 to 12 nebulizer treatments each day and not having a lot of success with our smallest patients, who often cried during treatment,” says McGoogan. “We had to make do by letting them suck on their pacifiers while we directed the aerosol treatment to their noses.”

Taking a lunch break from the madness gave McGoogan time to think — and invent. “Wouldn’t it be easier if we had a contraption we could insert into the baby’s mouth? When they cry, most of the [aerosol] medication ends up in their stomachs.”

The idea followed her to a family vacation in New York where her brother-in-law, a hospital researcher, helped design the first prototype. “It was an adaptable pacifier with a port on top and a deflection shield so that medication could be directed to the child’s nose,” says McGoogan. “I knew it was a winner.”


Indeed it was. She and her staff tested the device in the office and found that patients’ oxygen saturation levels rose dramatically when the Pedi-Neb® was used instead of a mask — and much higher than just blowing the aerosol medication past the child’s nose. Convinced her product would help babies get the medication they needed, McGoogan endured a long patent process and found a manufacturer that could build her Pedi-Neb®. Today, you can purchase the Pedi-Neb® through a local medical equipment company for about $5.

Invented by Elizabeth McGoogan, RN, PPN

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