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Inspired by Patients, Invented by Nurses

Inspired by Patients, Invented by Nurses


June 08, 2008

7) Epicardial Pacer Wire Shield:

For Susan Burger, RN, seeing patients emerge from surgery with epicardial pacer wires dangling from the chest just didn’t sit right. Used for patients who’ve just had open heart or valve replacement surgery, the wires transmit microshocks to the patient’s heart in an emergency. But for Burger, the question was how tou keep them clean.

Prompted by a 1997 article in the American Journal of Critical Care, Burger found that nurses used needle caps, test tubes, plastic bags, plastic bottles, electrical caps, rubber, gloves, empty syringes, straws, and even coffee stirrers to protect the stainless steel wires from contamination. She had a better idea.

“I invented a shieldlike dressing to keep wires waterproof so patients could take a shower without having to take off the wires"

Invented by Susan Burger, RN, MSN

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