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SEIU vs. CNA: The Battle Exposed

SEIU vs. CNA: The Battle Exposed

August 19, 2008

Who is the CNA/NNOC?

According to, “The California Nurses Association, and its national arm, the National Nurses Organizing Committee, is one of the nation’s premiere nurses’ organizations and health care unions. One of the fastest growing health care organizations in the U.S., CNA/NNOC presently has 80,000 members in 50 states, representing nurses at scores of hospitals, clinics, and home health agencies. Since 2000, over 19,000 RNs at 50 hospitals have elected to affiliate with CNA.”

“RNs represented by CNA/NNOC have many of the best collective bargaining contracts in the nation. CNA agreements are noted for enhancing the collective voice of RNs in patient care decisions, outlawing dangerous practices such as mandatory overtime, and dramatic improvements in retirement security for RNs and other provisions that are needed to retain career RNs at the hospital bedside and protect patients.”

What does CNA/NNOC say?


• “CHP has adopted a strategy to silence RNs and deny you a democratic choice. CHP has signed an illegal back room deal with the Service Employees Union (SEIU) intended to force RNs into this non-RN union. The elections scheduled for March 12-14 will not give you a choice of a professional nurses union. The largest professional nurses union in the country, the National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) Ohio, AFL-CIO is not on the ballot. The only union CHP is letting you vote for is the union hand-picked by Catholic Healthcare Partners, the non-RN Service Employees Union. Millions of Ohioans had a choice of Presidential candidates to vote for on March 4. Why shouldn’t Ohio RNs have a choice of which union you want to represent you?”

From a CNA-created brochure, the CNA/NNOC claims the following:

“Under a backroom deal with Catholic Healthcare Partners in February, 2008, the employer, not the workers or union, filed for elections to impose SEIU as the union in eight Ohio hospitals without providing a single signed union card.

“SEIU agreed to not try to influence the election. Employees were specifically forbidden from talking about the union or the election.

“This model eliminates the role of workers in organizing a union, or building the power of the union in the workplace through collective action.

“The California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO has a very different perspective than the current SEIU International leadership.

“The labor movement’s greatest growth occurs when (1) its interests are identified as identical to the public interests, (2) elevating standards for its members improves conditions for all Americans, and (3) it is seen as a fighter for workplace democracy and rights, not for ‘adding value’ to employers. Those are CNA/NNOC’s goals.”

Join the discussion! Whose side are you on? SEIU vs. CNA/NNOC

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