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What Does the Stimulus Package Mean for Nurses?

What Does the Stimulus Package Mean for Nurses?

Where is all the money going? Where will new jobs be created for nurses?

February 04, 2009

Last year, America lost 2.6 million jobs. On Monday alone, we learned that some of our biggest employers plan to cut another 55,000. This is a wakeup call to Washington that the American people need us to act and act immediately. – President Obama in response to the House’s vote of 244 to 188 for the proposed stimulus

As Americans, we all will be affected by Obama’s newly proposed stimulus package. Funds will be poured into a myriad of places – over $800 billion used for projects from D.C. to California. But into which areas and industries is this incredible amount of money going? Furthermore, how will these changes affect the healthcare sector, specifically nursing?

Obama’s economic growth bill was approved by the House of Representatives and is now waiting for approval from the Senate. (The Senate’s version of the bill has some key differences, which are noted throughout this report.) Despite personal beliefs as to if you support the bill, there is no denying this package will inevitably affect the economy and all of our lives.

By collecting the hard facts from the proposed stimulus plan, you can hypothesize and critically analyze where the most growth will be spurred. Let the facts guide your job-search or inform you more about your nursing career.

Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Tax Credits for Employed and Unemployment Benefits

Page 3: The Stimulus Package and Healthcare

Page 4: The Stimulus Package and Nurses

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