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Research Suggests Children Can Recover from Autism

Research Suggests Children Can Recover from Autism

Leo Lytel, second from right, 9, and his family in their home in Washington Wednesday, May 6, 2009. Leo was diagnosed with autism as a toddler and undiagnosed at 9. (Source: AP)

Associated Press/AP Online

May 13, 2009

Most of the formerly autistic kids got long-term behavior treatment soon after diagnosis, in some cases for 30 or 40 hours weekly.

Many also have above-average IQs and had been diagnosed with relatively mild cases of autism. At age 2, many were within the normal range for motor development, able to walk, climb and hold a pencil.

Significant improvement suggesting recovery was evident by around age 7 in most cases, Fein said.

None of the children has shown any sign of relapse. But nearly three-fourths of the formerly autistic kids have had other disorders, including attention-deficit problems, tics and phobias; eight still are affected.

Jayne Lytel says Leo sometimes still gets upset easily but is much more flexible than before.

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