The 10 Best Jobs for the Worst Times

May 20, 2009

by Hannah Waters,

Job security is definitely up in the air right now for everyone. If you are out of a job, however, try considering some of these jobs that seem to thrive even during tough times. Although everyone and every industry is hit hard with job losses and cutbacks, these types of jobs seem to hover just a little bit above the rest.

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    over 5 years ago

    Bartenders often make excellent nurses, doctors, psychologists and social workers. They have a wealth of experience in working with people.

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    I have been a waitress and a bartender for 28 years and am now working through school to get my RN. I say "I'm just going from one shot to another" LOL
    A comment on the bartending article: As a former bar manager, bartending schools are often a waste of time and money. You do not need to be certified to be a bartender. Although in some states you will need a quick class in alcohol management, this is not training on how to make drinks. Learning how to make dozens of cocktails or learning how to spin bottles is not the key to a good bartender. Dealing with people that are not always at their best is the part that takes a tactful individual. Try to cut a drunk off and make him/her think you are their best friend and are doing them a favor. It's not easy.

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