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Is French Health System a Model for U.S.?

Is French Health System a Model for U.S.?

The Dallas Morning News

May 18, 2009

“The solution would be to have more money if you offer a better service,” she said.

Alby no longer works within the government fee schedule. Instead of charging $30 for an office visit, she charges $42.

“It’s about one-tenth of what you pay in the States,” she said.

Alby argues consumers are too used to the idea that health care should be free.

“In France, one specific problem is the emergency room of the hospital,” she said. “Many people in France would think less about going there than they would to go to a cafe.”

Patients who go to a public hospital emergency room aren’t given a bill to pay at the end of their treatment.

None of this is free, of course. The share of taxes in the French economy is more than 40 percent. In the United States, it’s just over 25 percent.

The French government knows about emergency room overuse but has not cracked down.

“It’s a pure scandal,” Alby said.

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