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Baby Survives 11 Blood Transfusions Inside the Womb

Baby Survives 11 Blood Transfusions Inside the Womb

Daily Mail UK

November 17, 2009

Miracle baby Jasmine Tanner needed 11 life-saving blood transfusions – while she was still in her mother’s womb.

Doctors repeatedly performed the intricate procedure after they discovered Jasmine’s blood type was incompatible with that of her mother Melanie.

The rare condition, called rhesus disease, was causing antibodies produced by Melanie, 34, to destroy her child’s blood cells.

Without intervention little Jasmine would have died from heart failure.

The baby girl was eventually delivered at 34 weeks by caesarean and immediately taken into intensive care where she had a further three blood transfusions.

Now more than a year on, Jasmine is a picture of health and the only evidence of her battle for survival are small needle scars on her abdomen.

The condition, which affects just one in 10,000 women, was diagnosed only nine weeks into Melanie’s pregnancy with treatment starting seven weeks later.

Each time the intricate procedure was carried out there was a one in 10 chance of Melanie losing her precious baby.

Nurse Mrs Tanner, from Warsash, Hants, said: ’It was awful but we just had to get on with it because we had no choice.

’But I knew each time that I might actually come out without a baby. Every time I drove to the hospital I had a feeling of doom mixed with anxiety.

‘But we had to do everything possible to give our baby the best chance of survival.’

At first, when the foetus was small, blood was injected directly through Melanie’s stomach into the baby’s tummy and then absorbed into her circulation.

From 20 weeks, the baby was big enough for a needle to be guided directly into her 4mm wide umbilical vein using ultrasound images.

Melanie added: ’I was petrified but I tried to keep it to myself as much as I could.

’I never looked at the needle and I tried to concentrate on staying perfectly still for the baby.

‘It was a very tense and stressful time.’

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