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February 27, 2008

NursingLink features the postings of several active nurse bloggers. These bloggers vary in age and level of nursing experience in an attempt to cover all areas of the nursing profession. If you would like to share any of your own blog postings to be featured, please submit them here.

Tales from the ER: Drug Seeker Stories

by ERNursey

I was reading a post at Scalpel or Sword today that made me think of some examples of drug seekers that are pretty funny in a twisted sort of way. I don’t know if these people are too stupid to know how stupid they are or how they thought they would possibly get away with these acts but they do try. Read more.

Tales from the ER: Meningococcemia

by ERNursey

“Hey” the security guard was standing at the counter where I was charting. “There’s a lady outside who needs some help getting her husband out of the car.” I got a wheelchair and followed him out front to the ambulance bay where a woman was standing next to a minivan literally wringing her hands and crying. Read more.

Give Me a Break

by Blabber Nurse

Recently, our ICU beds are always full. Cardiac, Surgical and most especially our Medical ICU, where I work. In MICU, it’s not very new to have full bed capacity because of our chronic bedridden patients. They fill up the place. Problem is, we don’t have the extended care facility that they should be in so I guess you can say that instead of working in a critical unit, I’m basically working in an extended care facility or nursing home! Read more.

Lack of Respect?

by Julie@LifeintheNHS

As a young nurse I found caring for elderly, infirm people a bit of a challenge. While I got on well with my own older relatives none of them were actually that old. I found it difficult to relate to people who were confused, infirm and often incontinent. Read More.

Which Patient is Telling the Truth?

by ERNursey

Patient number 1 is a 40ish man with no medical history that comes in from his job at a construction site where he suffered a sudden onset of right flank pain. Patient number 2 is a twenty something who is brought in from the parking lot in a wheelchair by a friend, they are laughing and talking on their cell-phones when you bring him in for triage. Read more.

Madwife: Worlds Collide When a Midwife and EMT Lock Horns

by Kalshassan

On Monday morning I crashed a woman into our Maternity Unit, she was contracting 1/1, felt the urge to push down, felt like she was going to move her bowels and told me she could feel, “The baby moving downwards.” Read more.

Blood and Boak: Thoughts on a New EMT’s First Job

by Kalshassan

“Vomiting blood” is a call I attend approximately once a week, very often on a Friday or Saturday night. Sometimes it means the person’s vomit is streaked with red, sometimes they’ve brought up clots, other times the rank, sickly smell of digested blood is present as they throw up the granular, chocolatey mess. Read more.

A Golden Moment

by Nurse Keith

“I feel like I’m just waking up. I’m sixty years old. I’ve spent most of my life being afraid of people, of places, of things. I’m only now becoming aware of what I can still do with my life.”

She sat before me in the exam room for our weekly appointment to prefill her med box, review her meds, discuss symptoms, and basically check in. We’ve known each other about six years now, and we have a sweet therapeutic relationship. Read more.

Invasion of the UK Body Snatchers

by Max E Nurse

So you may have heard me commenting that the “big brother” British government has banned smoking in public places and that they want to curb drinking too. With ever increasing taxes people can’t afford these habits so much anyway. Read more.

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