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HIV Blood From '90s Infected 74 in China

HIV Blood From '90s Infected 74 in China

United Press International

January 27, 2010

HIV-contaminated blood sold to a Chinese hospital in the 1990s and used in transfusions has infected 74 people, a health official said.

The director of a health center in central China discovered in 2003 a patient with HIV had sold his blood to the hospital, China’s state-run Xinhua news agency reported Friday. The hospital traced all blood sellers and receivers before 1998 and found more than 20 sellers and 73 receivers were infected with the deadly virus.

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One more patient tested HIV positive at the end of 2009, raising the total to 74.

China implemented The Blood Donation Law in 1998, banning blood selling and ordering testing of all blood supplies for HIV. Many who sold blood to the hospital were unaware they were infected, Xinhua said.

Li Songquan, director of the health bureau in Daye City, said there were no further cross-infections, but the Wuhan Morning Post reported more than 80 hospital patients who had blood transfusions became infected with HIV and they in turn cross-infected 20 family members.

The Daye city government is offering almost $3 million for treatment and compensation for the victims.

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