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16 Hilarious Home Remedies

16 Hilarious Home Remedies

Nicole Lehr | Scrubs Magazine

June 23, 2010

Summertime. Most of us love it. Some of us are plagued with allergies, bug bites, bee stings, sunburns, and all the other joys that being outside in lovely weather bring with it.

Just the other day at work I was involved in a conversation with fellow coworkers about holistic remedies for everyday summertime woes. Sure, I took note of some of them and will be sure to invest future efforts towards making Mollie’s deceased grandmother’s sworn natural deodorant, but I also snickered at most recommendations. I tend to favor non-medicinal treatment of ailments in some cases, and I actually find alternative medicine quite intriguing.

Thus, spawned by the discussion held at work combined with my already investigative nature, I did a little research on what people have actually claimed as home remedies for common ailments. Perhaps you will find some of these as useful, or perhaps you will read this post and get a good abdominal workout from laughter. Either way, enjoy. (Disclaimer: I am not a holistic medicine doctor, nor do I have MD behind my name at all. I have read reports of people trying these techniques, have not tried them myself, and probably do not recommend most of them due to safety/stupidity reasons. So please, read them, laugh at them, and take them with a grain of salt.)

Got a nagging ailment? Who needs a doctor when you can treat it from home…


1) Cut a potato (uncooked) in half and rub it on your forehead. 2) Pound your head with a hammer. 3) Have someone come up behind you, grab your hair in a fist, and pull up as hard as they can- used most effectively for migraines.

Bleeding Cuts

Gather up a collection of spider webs and vigorously pack the wound with them. It will surely stop the bleeding. Another use of spider webs? If you find yourself coming home from Africa with malaria, chew them up and swallow them.

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