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What Can LPN Practitioners Expect As a Salary?

What Can LPN Practitioners Expect As a Salary?


The salaries of LPN professional vary from one state to the other. The significant increase in the demand for health care professionals has resulted in a lot of competition in the market and there is a greater variance in the salaries of the LPN professional, mostly depending on the experience and educational background.

A LPN (licensed practical nurse) or LVN (licensed vocation nurse) work under the direct supervision of doctors and/or RNs in states like California and Texas. They are allowed to perform simple routine tasks for the patients such as providing routine care, assuring the administration of the prescribed dosages of medications and look after the condition of the patients.

The remuneration package for LPNs depends upon many criterions, which mainly include work experience, location of work and type of industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ survey in 2006, the average remuneration of an LPN is estimated to be $36,550 annually. The maximum salary would be around $43,640 annually while the minimum goes down to $26,380 annually. As expected, the average annual salary figure for LPNs has gone up to $44,212 in the recent survey conducted by the US National Average Salary in the year 2009.

Practical experience is definitely a big factor in estimating a LPNs’ salary. A newly trained LPN may earn around $26,027 annually as compared to $47,211 annual income of a qualified LPN with 15 years+ experience. The location of work also plays and important role in the determination of wages for LPN. Certain states like Connecticut have higher average income of up to $50,950 annually while other states like North Dakota have lower average income of $29,085 annually for LPN professionals. Also one should consider the cost of living in a certain area to estimate the net annual income.

Finally the type of industry is another prime factor in the determination of wages for LPNs. The different type of industries offers different types of remuneration. For example annual average salary of LPN working in hospitals is up to $35,000 while it is around $42,110 annually for those working in employment service industry.

If you are on a lookout for a rewarding and satisfying career than the profession of LPN is a very good option. More details about the salary and other important information is easily available on many useful websites as well as newspaper. You can also check with the employers directly to obtain firsthand knowledge.

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