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    Genetics, New Science and New Frontiers: Is This the Future of Psychiatric Nursing?

    This topic is an actual presentation from a national conference conducted by Contemporary Forums and includes the streaming, synchronized audio with visual materials. CE Credit is optional. Contemporary Forums: Providing Quality, Accredited Continuing Education to Thousands of Healthcare Professionals For More Than 25 Years and Now Offering both Live Conferences and Online Conference Content Via the Online CE Library.
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    Genes and Populations

    Genes and Populations
    After decades of research, scientists have identified all of the genetic “letters” that spell out the “words” of our genes. This library of genes—called the human genetic code, or the human genome—is the complete set of instructions for creating you or me. But scientists’ ability to read the human genetic code is only a beginning. It will be many more years ...
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    Genetic Mapping

    Genetic Mapping
    h4. What is genetic mapping? Developing new and better tools to make gene hunts faster, cheaper and practical for any scientist was a primary goal of the Human Genome Project (HGP). One of these tools is genetic mapping, the first step in isolating a gene. Genetic mapping - also called linkage mapping - can offer firm evidence that a disease transmitted ...
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