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    End-of-Life Fact Sheet

    End-of-Life Fact Sheet
    h4. Thirty Years Ago In the past, death typically occurred over a short period of time from illness or injury. Often times, death occurred at home, and family members served as caregivers. Issues surrounding end-of-life experiences were poorly understood and little studied. Improvements in medical technology were beginning to prolong life in many life-threatening situations, raising issues of end-of-life care. h4. ...
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    Aging Under the Microscope: Posing Questions, Finding Answers

    Aging Under the Microscope: Posing Questions, Finding Answers
    In 1965, a lawyer made an unusual deal with one of his older clients, Jeanne Calment of Arles, France. In exchange for ownership of her apartment, he agreed to pay her a monthly pension for the rest of her life. Because Mme. Calment was 90 years old at the time, it seemed likely that the lawyer would only have to make ...
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