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    Developing a Self Care Support Strategy

    Developing a Self Care Support Strategy
    h4. Key actions When developing a self care support strategy for your area, the following should be considered: # Involve patients and the public through new and established mechanisms - any strategy needs to be based on their requirements and preferences. # Assess the self care information and support networks which already exist within your health economy. Are there any gaps ...
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    Sputum Culture

    Sputum Culture
    Sputum is a secretion that is produced in the lungs and the bronchi (tubes that carry the air to the lung). This mucus-like secretion may become infected, bloodstained, or contain abnormal cells that may lead to a diagnosis. Sputum is what comes up with deep coughing. h4. How the Test is Performed The patient is asked to cough deeply and spit ...
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    A Simple Guide to MRSA

    h4. About MRSA Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus is the full name for MRSA (sometimes referred to as the 'superbug'). It belongs to the Staphylococcus aureus family of germs. Staphylococcus aureus is a very common cause of bacterial infections such as boils, carbuncles, infected wounds, deep abscesses and bloodstream infection (or bacteraemia). It was first described in the 1880s when doctors realised ...
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    The Use and Maintenance of Implanted Port Vascular Access Devices

    h4. Introduction This course covers the history, required skills, and proper techniques of accessing and maintaining an implantable port in a clinical setting. The pros and cons of implantable ports versus other central lines are described and troubleshooting techniques are detailed. The importance of patient education is emphasized. The course work is intended for nurses, medical technicians, and physician assistants who ...
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